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Greenstone Lawn Care & Landscaping

Welcome to Greenstone Lawn Care & Landscaping

We do all gardening needs and sprinkler repairs for residential and commercial market within a 50 mile radius of Visalia, CA.

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We do all gardening needs

Professional Services

Lawn Service Maintenance

The lawn experts of our organization do it all to keep your lawn in a great shape. We follow step by step

procedures to offer result oriented services. Our experts mow the lawns and do the edging flawlessly. Through leaf blowing and eliminating bushes systematically, we always achieve success in providing the lawns the cleanliness they deserve. Our professional lawn experts also offer tailor made lawn maintenance services to suit the needs of the clients.

Shrub Pruning

Our team of professional experts do the pruning of shrubs and trees to give them better shapes and size.

The unwanted branches and leaves get wiped away through systematic elimination by the efforts of our efficient executives. Not only the systematic and regular pruning gives shrubs better shape but keeps them manageable too. It prevents the shrubs from developing a mammoth growth and helps the clients save a lot of money for maintaining them.

Sprinkler Repair

Sprinkler Repair

Sprinklers are one of the lawn elements that need good maintenance. Our company

offer all kinds of lawn services and maintaining sprinklers is one of them.

Bed and Sidewalk Edging

Lawns or yards and the sidewalks are common calls of our clients, but we strive to offer a professional look to

both of these aspects. Using latest tools and other important mechanisms, we execute our plans in order to provide our clients with the best possible results. We apply staggering attention in making the edgings perfect so that the owners feel satisfied to have the right kind of job done to their lawns.

Small Tree Maintenance

Small trees that are less than 7 ft of length can be taken care of by us. Our professional experts take steps

accordingly to maintain the small trees of any lawn. From trimming their branches to trimming off their leaves, we do it all. Sometimes, according to the choice of the clients, we give proper shape to these trees using professional and latest tools, so that they never create any obstacle for our clients anyway.

Landscape Enhancements

We meticulously design lawns as well as gardens according to the taste of our clients. The placements of plants,

shrubs and other essential garden objects get professionally handled by the professional team members of our organization. To make the yards look best, we take all kinds of actions so that the green can rightly compliment the house of our clients. From seeding to cleaning, we do it all to offer great yards to our clients.

Flower Decoration

Our proficient team members not only provide help with technical jolt using latest gardening tools but they

use their experience and emotion in decorating the lawns and gardens with flowers in an artistic manner using the rocks of vivid types and shapes to give the gathering of flowers and shrubs an impressive as well thought-out presence. Not only rocks, we also use mulch and other suitable items to get the flowers to bloom in a structured manner.

Commercial Lawn Service

We provide all types of lawn services to clients, maintaining pure professional and commercial

procedures. Our team includes only efficient professionals of the very field. No matter if it’s a project related to a residence or an office premise, we will take equal care in delivering our services. It is our specialty of maintaining proper documentation always. All our lawn services and services related to maintenance ensure top class quality in rates that are affordable.

Sod Installation

Our team of experts are specialists of sod installation. They take high care

while installing the sod on the lawns, so that the whole lawn becomes error free. The rolls of grass get arranged and laid on the lawn surface meticulously by our efficient sod installing experts, so that the grass roots hold the ground strongly. We don’t stop with installation only, but we do assist the clients professionally in maintaining the grass.

General Landscape Cleanup

If your lawn is a mess, then we are the mess busters. As we have great prowess in turning messy lawns into

a pleasing sight of green. Using the right and modern tools, we take care of any messy lawn or yard systematically to bring them an all new avatar. The cleanliness and enhanced look of the lawn adds an exciting look. We have different landscape clearing tools and apply them with outer care to provide our clients with best looking landscapes.

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